June 23, 2024

Algorithms are a series of symbols for operating procedures and for the relations between these groups of signs and operating procedures.

Processes of artificial relation that determine modes of `relation´ and enable their proliferation. The algorithm is a tool in any system for operating in a way that is open and directed – that is, intentional – and, most of cases that interest us, factitious.

The term algorithm comes from the Latin transliteration of the name of the Arab mathematician Al-Kwarismi (ninth century). By algorithm we understand the precise rule governing the execution of a given system of operations, in a specific order, in sucha a way that all problems of a given kind are solved. We use algorithms whenever we master the procedures for solving a problem in its general aspect – that is, for a whole class of its variable terms. Given that the algorithm, as a system of rules, possesses a formal nature, it can be taken as a basis for a programme of operations for a calculating machine by means of which to solve the problem./

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